Q - Why should we hire a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner means that you will enjoy your Big Day 100% stress-free.. From vendors, accessories, etiquette and even the smallest of details, the wedding planner will run all the process smoothly - you will be busy in taking care of your emotions, and that’s more than enough! Moreover, it will help you saving time ( we know that arrange all these things take a lot of time, don’t we?) and money ( the planner can have special treatments from the vendors and that helps you saving money).. do you still have doubts? ;)

Q - Can I afford some help having a small budget?

Any budget can afford help. You can opt for a different option from a full package, such as Wedding Day Timeline, Transportation Itinerary,Vendor Recommendations,Venue Recommendations,Event Layout,Wedding Budget Planner.

Q - Do you charge for an initial consultation?

NOT AT ALL! We see this as the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit. It's essential that our clients feel they can trust us to collaborate with them on such an important occasion.

Q - How can you plan weddings in Italy if you’re UK based?

Good question. Before moving to Uk I worked in several weddings in Italy, which is my homeland, that’s why I got in touch with several suppliers and vendors. Moreover I do have permanent access to an accommodation whenever I need to travel to work onsite.

Q - Do you only plan weddings?

Weddings are our specialty but we do plan also Events like Corporate events, Birthday parties,

Gala Dinners, Baby Shower, etc.

Q - How many weddings or events do you plan per day?

In order to give the best service possible we only take a limited number of weddings every year -

this means that we only do one wedding or event per day per wedding consultant.

Q - Why do I need a wedding planner as my venue already as a venues coordinator?
A venues event coordinator would not cover the same role of a wedding planner - even if the create a great team together!While the venues event coordinator handles all kind of different events and clients, the wedding planner focuses all her energy on the realisation of your needs during your event!

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